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From a young age, my love for food ignited a culinary passion that became a lifelong journey. The joy of savoring delicious meals evolved into a profound sense of personal satisfaction when I mastered the art of cooking. Uncertain about a counseling career post-college, I discovered solace, mindfulness, and emotional regulation through the therapeutic process of selecting ingredients, preparing, and cooking meals during challenging times.

My path led me to culinary school, where I honed my skills and embraced a nearly two-decade career as a professional chef. A personal tragedy reshaped my worldview, prompting a desire to guide others through their own transformations. This journey inspired my book, "Remembering Your Spirit," marking the beginning of my career as a life coach.

After almost a decade of coaching, the synergy of my dual passions materialized—a seamless blend of culinary expertise and life coaching strategies. My mission is to utilize food and cooking as mediums for teaching effective personal development and tools for spirituality. What sets my business apart is the integration of hands-on cooking experiences with proven life strategies—a unique fusion that transcends traditional approaches.

My values are rooted in authenticity. Every strategy I teach has been tested and proven in my own life. If it hasn't worked for me, it won't be part of the curriculum. Learning, for me, is most effective when infused with fun, laughter, and entertainment. I believe these elements create an environment conducive to growth.

As you explore my offerings, envision a space where the aroma of cooking and the wisdom of personal development converge. Join me, Mark Chabus, in discovering not only the art of culinary creation but also the tools for life skills and personal development. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and the joyous blend of food and growth.

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